The word mindfulness written on a piece of paper


Do you often find yourself:

  • eating until you are uncomfortably full?
  • eating when you’re stressed, upset or bored?
  • feeling like you struggle to control yourself around certain types of foods?
  • feeling unsatisfied after eating?

It’s common to hear people say they feel like they struggle with eating, particularly if they have a history of dieting and/or are unhappy with their body. Mindful eating can help you to tune into your bodies internal signals around food and reconnect with the pleasure of eating.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is based on the Buddhist technique of mindfulness, which involves bringing awareness to the present moment without judgement. Mindful eating is a way of better understanding our thoughts, feelings and sensations regarding eating and the way we interact with food. Mindfulness can help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed about eating. It’s easier to make decisions about when and what to eat when you understand how and why you eat.

What’s involved?

Mindful eating covers a range of activities including:

  • learning to tune into hunger and fullness signals
  • recognising and responding to cues other than hunger which make you feel like eating
  • focusing attention on your food when eating to increase satisfaction after meals/snacks.

The techniques learned in your journey towards mindful eating will differ depending on what it is about your eating that you struggle with.

Want to know more?

Links to further reading coming soon.