Losing weight can be tricky. If you’ve ever had the experience of losing weight only to eventually regain most (or all!) of it you’re certainly not alone.

The majority of people who diet end up following this pattern of weight loss followed by weight regain, often many times over. It’s called weight cycling. When it happens people tend to blame themselves because:

  • the diet helped them to lose weight so it must work
  • they’ve now regained the weight they lost so it must be their fault, not the diets

The thing is though, diets impact more than just your weight. They often affect other areas of your life too and this can have a lot to do with why most diets fail long-term.

In this video I talk about some of the ways to tell if you’re diet isn’t working for you even though you might be losing weight. I also invite you to think about what effect dieting is really having on your life – both positive and negative. If you’re feeling stuck in the weight loss cycle and looking for a change the Non-Diet Approach can offer you an escape. Get in touch if you’d like to find out how.



Signs your diet isn’t working even though you’re losing weight
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