Dieting is generally outcome driven – pick your goal weight / body fat % / clothing size etc and then try a variety of diets to get there and stay there.

The diet rules picked up along the way tend to drive disconnection from what you need.

This might look like:

  • eating less than you’re hungry for
  • restricting foods that you love
  • stopping emotional eating
  • choosing exercise instead or resting or catching up with friends / family

It might also be doing none of these things but judging yourself because you feel like you should be.

A lot of diets don’t work long-term because physical, emotional, and social needs don’t disappear when you stop attending to them:

  • hunger increases in response to not eating enough
  • restriction leads to feelings of deprivation (and guilt when you do eat those foods)
  • unmet emotional needs intensify
  • tired bodies get injured or sick

Shifting the focus away from specific body goals creates space to reconnect with your bodies natural cues – from “will this help me lose weight?” to “what do I actually need right now?”

You might find they’re not always the same thing.

Is another diet what you really need?
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